Irish Art Exhibitions and Events on now


John Fitzsimons
From Sun. 19th March to Thu. 20th April
Olivier Cornet Gallery
3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1
Phone: 0872887261

Projections An exhibition of new works by John Fitzsimons.

The exhibition takes a darker and more foreboding turn than his previous work to date, reflecting the current international political climate and associated nervousness about the path that lies ahead.
New Paintings
John Short
From Fri. 3rd March to Tue. 25th April
Solomon Gallery
Balfe Street, Dublin 2
Phone: +353 (0) 86 814 2380

New Paintings John is largely inspired by interactive groups and their behaviour; be they people, birds or animals. He contributes to the feeling of spontaneity and immediacy by carefully considering his composition and often taking an unusual or unexpected view of his subject.

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